VIDEO Actress Catherine Zeta-Jones Blacklisted From Hollywood For Her Pro Trump Speech. Do You Stand With Her?

Actress Catherine zeta-jones blacklisted from Hollywood for her pro-trump speech. Do you stand along with her?However, there are a few celebrities who can spot the difference between the 2 organizations and support the proper guy and his institution, Donald trump and proud conservatives.

Nicole Kidman is one among them,
and you’ll be greatly surprised to see what did she obtained after calling individuals to assist trump.The minority organization from Hollywood who helps conservatives are getting bushed from the mainstream media and frustrated indignant liberals.

Human beings like Nicole Kidman, Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Harvey, mat Damon and lots of others can spot the distinction and produce the right choice.

With the aid of helping trump, we selected the peace and saying no to the nuclear destruction, corruption, terrorism, slavery and stealing people’s cash, or truly everything that liberals choose to do after they sit within the white residence.