Types of Computers

What is a computer? Types of Computers


What is a computer?

Types of Computers

What is the computer stands for?

A simple definition of the computer?


Mainframe computers

Server computers

Workstation computers

Personal computers



What is a computer?

A computer is an electronic machine. It is used to process and store the data. It works according to the given instructions by the user. It processes and stores the data types in binary form.

Computer ti designed to process the applications and provide a variety of solutions. Its components are hardware and software. These components work together to complete any task.

A computer is a type of machine that manages different types of programs and performs useful tasks. It has executable benefits as well as storage capacity. It can perform both types of operations, easy or complicated.  The performing of operations depends on the following facts:

  • Types of actions
  • Design of computer in several formats
  • Hardware
  • Software applications.


Types of Computers


Computers contain circuits, wires, transistors, software applications, and hardware, etc. The hardware components of a general computer involve the following:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Input devices
  • Output devices
  1. CPU:

CPU stands for the central processing unit. It manages three types of activities. It maintains the storing and processing of data. It is the main part of the computer. It is also called the brain of a computer. It tells the entire computer to perform which task at what time.

  1. Memory:

Memory is used to store the data. There are different types of memories that can work for a special purpose.

  1. Input devices:

Computer gets data through input devices. The data is processed by the processor. Mouse and keyboard are the most common examples of input devices.

  1. Output devices:

These devices are used to get output from the computer. After the data is processed it is provided to the user by using output devices.

What is the computer stands for?

A computer is basically a general-purpose machine. It can automatically perform arithmetic and logic operations.

A simple definition of the computer?

In simple words, a computer is a machine that is instructed to accept the data, to process that data, to store that particular data, and to provide the output data. This machine performs multiple tasks like lengthy calculations or electronic communication. A computer works under the control of a set of instructions.

Types of computers:

The following are some Types of Computers. You can see the images of Types of Computers.


These are the fastest computers. These computers are the most expensive as well. They can solve very hard, complex science and engineering problems. These commutes use lots of CPUs (central processing g units) at the same time for one operation. One supercomputer can do up to ten trillion individual calculations every second. Examples of supercomputers are as follows:

  • Columbia
  • K computers


super computer



Mainframe computers:

These computers are similar to supercomputers. The main difference between these computers is that a supercomputer uses all its power to focus on very few tasks and a mainframe computer’s purpose is to perform millions of operations currently. Mainframes are often used by large organizations for bulk data processing.



mainframe computer



Server computers:

A server computer is also called a network server. A server is a central computer. It contains a collection of data and programs. Using this type o computer, users can connect to share and store electronic data and applications. Examples of server computers are:

  • Application server
  • File server



server computer



Workstation computers:

Workstation computers are very expensive computers. They are made for a more complex procedure. They are intended for only one user at one time.




workstation computer



Personal computers:

PC stands for a personal computer. It is also called a Microcomputer. It is a low cost. Its physical characteristics are appealing and useful for is users.



personal computer



This is also Types of Computers. These are minicomputers. They enable the user to store the data and execute commands. These are single circuit devices. They have very minimal memory. Many of the microcontrollers are also known as embedded systems.


The smartphone itself is a computer. Many of the smartphones run IOS or Android. Android is an OS (Operating System). This OS is based on Linux.



smart phone



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