Singer Calls Out Alyssa Milano For Ignoring Biden’s Behavior With Children “Stop Pretending This Is Normal”

Breitbart reports Singer-lyricist Meredith Brooks got out Alyssa Milano’s underwriting of Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential battle, blaming the entertainer for false reverence over her professes to help all survivors of sexual unfortunate behavior.

Creeks explicitly tended to Milano, who drove an ineffective campaign against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh over

unverified cases of past sexual unfortunate behavior. The artist, composed a tremendous hit called “Bitch” about female strengthening, said that as a survivor of kid attack, seeing photographs of Biden contacting youngsters made her “blood twist.”

“[Alyssa Milano] as a youngster survivor of attack this coagulates my blood I’ve never spoken about this however I must choose between limited

options currently,” Brooks stated, close by a collection of Biden contacting and kissing different kids. “You have to awaken.” Brooks’ montage of Biden is joined by the inscription: “Quit imagining this is ordinary.”