Ilhan Omar Wants to Halt All Meat Sales Because ‘Americans Eat Like Pigs’

Things are bad in America right now, but we still have some simple pleasures left. You know, things we can enjoy as a family that brings a sense of normalcy such as a backyard barbecue. Throwing some burgers and steaks on the grill and enjoying it is part of the American tradition.

Perhaps that’s why Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar wants to see the practice go away. Omar has suggested, loudly and fictitiously, that for the duration of this crisis, meat should be outlawed. Once again, she is pushing her personal beliefs on the country as a whole. She made the remarks to a small crowd at a charity luncheon to support the Wuhan Bats, a crappy punk band from Minneapolis.

“American citizens are very unhealthy. They eat all sorts of terrible, terrible food. At a time like this, that should be discouraged.

One such example of awful consumption is meat. Cow meat, pig meat, chicken meat, turkey meat, lamb meat, pig meat, possum meat, pig meat, pigeon meat, fish meat…… did I say pig meat? All of this is incredibly unhealthy and makes us vulnerable to sickness and plague.

Obviously good health leads to greater strength and a heightened ability to fight off sickness. What better time to push this than now? It is my opinion based on a lifetime of practice that eating meat is only putting Americans in more danger from what we are all now trying to avoid through our isolating and quarantine.

I shall call on Congress to ban the sale of meat nationwide. The time for this now. Our very lives depend on it.“

Why do democrats always feel the need to push their personal beliefs and practices on to all Americans? They need to keep that to themselves. Meat is as American as apple pie and twinkies. It is part of our culture and it will never go away.