Georgia Senator Drops Bill On Police Defunders – If They Don’t Stop, She Wants To Slash Their Federal Highway Funding

Cities round the nation are threatening to “defund the police,” slashing enforcement funds.

But if they are doing , they ought to be careful for a robust response from the federal .

Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-Ga.) introduced a bill in the week which may silence a number of the calls to “defund police.”

Basically, Loeffler says if cities prefer to take funds faraway from enforcement , the govt should “defund” them.

From Fox News:

Sen. Kelly Loeffler, R-Ga., is introducing a bill Monday that might withhold federal highway funding from states and native governments that reduce funding to enforcement without a transparent budgetary need amid the ‘defund the police’ push from some Democrats.

The bill is named the “Protecting Public Safety and Supporting Law Enforcement” Act.

And it might require the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to withhold 5 percent of “certain highway safety funds” from any state the cuts police funding.

Furthermore, if an area government cuts funding to police departments, states can withhold funds from that locality.

Said Loeffler during a statement:

We’re seeing the novel idea of defunding the police play call at real-time in places like Minneapolis, Minnesota and Seattle, Washington, and it’s frightening.

Some Democrat leaders and lots of voters round the country have involved major enforcement overhauls.

The George Floyd tragedy began a series of protests and riots, which have resulted in fresh involves legislation.

However, Loeffler believes simply cutting funds from the police isn’t the solution .

This reckless and dangerous defund effort will jeopardize public safety, create chaos and increase crime, Loeffler said.

She added that it’s important to deal with police misconduct, but stressed the importance of ensuring that enforcement has all the resources it requires.

So far, cities like ny and l. a. have already moved to slash funds for police.

And the Minneapolis council also has plans to “dismantle” their local department .

But if Loeffler’s bill passes, it’s going to cause other cities to second-guess similar ideas.

Key Takeaways:
Sen. Kelly Loeffler wants to pass a bill that punishes cities and states for unnecessarily defunding police.
The Protecting Public Safety and Supporting enforcement Act will cut some highway funding from states that cut enforcement funds.
This bill is meant to de-incentivize the “defund police” concept.