Biden Says Say Goodbye To Your Guns

Guns are a God-given right to all Americans. It was so important that George Washington got these rights from God himself on top of a mountain. These rights are literally written in stone. It is the second most important right, second only to being able to speak. However, none of this matters to Joe Biden as he wants to take your guns.

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He said it himself:

“When we win in December, your guns are gone. Listen here Corn Pop. I’m coming for you and your guns are mine! You hear that? Your reign of terror is over.

Anyway, we will be confiscating all guns and they will be melted down in order to make coat hangers for abortions so we can harvest more babies. We need their flesh to make us stronger.”

Senator Joe Barron slammed Biden:

“I think ol’ Joe has lost his damn marbles. He’s talking thst crazy talk again and wants to eat babies. People think this is presidential behavior? We need to get behind President Trump, the only mature candidate for President. He doesn’t hold grudges like Biden does.

If Biden wins, I don’t think he will do anything. I think he will waste a day a week golfing like the retiree that he is. I’m glad President Trump is such a hard worker for the American people. People take him for granted.”

If hearing Biden speak isn’t enough evidence for you that he is crazy, then maybe you are in fact the crazy one. We must vote red. A vote for red is a vote for sanity.

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