After Biden Team Bails Out Rioters – Trump Team Counters, Raises Thousands To Rebuild

You’ve probably heard by now: a few days ago, we learned that “at least 13 campaign staff members” for presidential hopeful Joe Biden contributed to the Minnesota Freedom Fund.
Why is that important? Because that particular group has helped arrange bail for those arrested for rioting in the city.Well, Donald Trump’s campaign people are getting into the action, too.
But the difference is this — instead of helping those who break the law, they’re helping the victims.

When a Minneapolis firefighter lost his bar to violent rioters last week, Trump’s team stepped up!

Via The Daily Wire:Responding to the fact that Minneapolis firefighter Korboi ‘KB’ Balla spent his entire life savings into opening a bar that violent rioters destroyed last week, at least 24 Trump campaign staffers donated to a GoFundMe page that was opened up to help Balla get his business back…
Now THAT’S what we should be doing!

We should helping the innocent people who have been hurt by the unfortunate uprising. We shouldn’t be rescuing those who’ve contributed to the problem.
Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale drove donations for Balla’s GoFundMe:
However, Parscale’s efforts haven’t been in vain.
That GoFundMe page raised over $1 million from 36,000 donors! And more is coming in, too…
So, on the one hand, we’ve got Biden followers doling out money to an organization that bails out violent protesters.On the other hand, we’ve got Trump followers donating to those whose lives have been unfairly upended by those protesters.
…which one would YOU vote for?