12 Constitutional Lawyers Agree: Trump Acquitted of All Wrongdoing

During a meeting today in the Hall of Justice, a panel of 12 constitutional lawyers came to the unanimous conclusion that President Donald Trump is completely acquitted of any and all wrongdoing and is no longer impeached.

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This is vindication for the president who has been claiming for weeks that he is “totally exonerated.”

Now it is official law that he is an innocent man.

This is an excerpt of the panel’s findings by head lawyer Cletus McGillicutty:

“We the panel of twelve find that the defendant, President Donald J. Trump, is not guilty of impeachment. He is completely and totally exonerated of any crimes. We find evidence that Democrats attempted to plant evidence to make Trump appear guilty of collusion. The president had no involvement.”

Justice Joe Barron confirmed these findings.

Democrats claim that the stain of impeachment is permanent, but Republicans say that only applies to Bill Clinton, because of the stain on the blue dress.

Since no such evidence was entered in President Trump’s impeachment trial, his stain of impeachment was not permanent. It is as if Bill Clinton used a useless store brand detergent to remove his impeachment stain, while President Trump used Oxi Clean.

It as if it never happened.

Democrats will always be a step behind our glorious leader. He is the Road Runner to their Wile E. Coyote. They will try and try to catch him with their little schemes, but he will always be too quick for them.

He is a genius Republican and Democrats are stupid. This is the way. I have spoken.